Melissa presents remote radio operating methods

here with our lead story...

The latest news is that our old techniques of communicating
will soon be replaced by new fancy digital multimedia networks.
From the busy newsroom full of reports on the latest breakthroughs
in Internet Telephony, Set-Top Computing, etc...; we've asked Melissa
to present a practical guide - news we can use.

I don't have time to

... read, watch TV, answer the phone, listen to the radio, work the next satellite pass, log the contest....

but my computer does that for me.

These days, doing anything usually means doing it using a computer, with bonus points for doing it remotely using the Internet. Many of today's latest tools are new products meant to connect our new computer with whatever things we used to use without a computer. In the news segments in this collection, Melissa reports what you need to know about using our new technology to conduct remote radio operations.