Melissa has been listening to the buzz on controlling various radios via computer interfaces. She is tuned in on the latest techniques and is ready to present the news.

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Today's story: Radios

Radios with serial ports

The RX-320 actually has a documented control interface using standard readily available cables. The PCR-1000 has a standard serial connection as well. Rumor has it that the new Icoms have USB serial interfaces.  But, is there documentation? And why not push audio over USB, as long as the wire is there for control already.

older radios

Often radios have a TTL-level serial interface. Converter boxes, special circuits, and special cables need to be built.

creating a standard

The hamlib project creates a unified interface to a diverse set of radios with even more diverse capabilities.

RX Audio, TX Audio, PTT, COR, CTCSS, DTMF, S-meter

Several projects show how to handle the kinds of control signals available on old radios.

Audio via software

Before poking at your soundcard, consider RtAudio or PortAudio.