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1 <HTML>\r
2 <HEAD>\r
3 <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Corel WordPerfect 8">\r
4 <TITLE>Heritage Trail Ride</TITLE>\r
5 <link REV=MADE HREF="mailto:Webmaster@Bicycle.Alexandria.VA.US">\r
6 </HEAD>\r
7 <BODY BGCOLOR="#C0D0E0">\r
8 \r
9 <P><STRONG>Heritage Trail Ride\r
10 <P>Alexandria, Virginia\r
11 <P>Saturday, 9 October 1999, 11:00 AM\r
12 <P>Ride Leader: Chan Mohney\r
13 <P></STRONG></P>\r
14 <P><STRONG>STOP:  Jones Point Park--Heritage significance?  Ship Building, Civil War,\r
15 Native American Camp Site</STRONG></P>\r
16 <P>R            onto Jones Point Park Dr; proceed to end of street.</P>\r
17 <P>L            onto bicycle trail.</P>\r
18 <P>S            onto Union Street.</P>\r
19 <P>                             L       onto Ramsay Alley.  (We will wait at end of alley for the start of ride.)</P>\r
20 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Carlyle House.  Heritage significance?  Early resident of Alexandria,\r
21 shipping magnate.</STRONG></P>\r
22 <P>             </P>\r
23 <P>                             R       onto Fairfax St.</P>\r
24 <P>                             L       onto Pendleton St.</P>\r
25 <P>                             L       onto St. Asaph.</P>\r
26 <P>                             R       onto Oronoco St.</P>\r
27 <P>                             R       onto Alfred St.</P>\r
28 <P>                             L       onto Pendleton St.</P>\r
29 <P>                             R       onto West St.</P>\r
30 <P>                             L       onto Braddock Rd.</P>\r
31 <P>                             R       onto Hancock Ave.</P>\r
32 <P>                             L       onto Monroe Ave.</P>\r
33 <P>                             BR      onto High St.</P>\r
34 <P>                             R       onto Braddock Rd.; continue on Braddock to Ft. Ward.</P>\r
35 <P>                             X       intersection of King St., Quaker Lane, Braddock Rd.</P>\r
36 <P>                             R       into Fort Ward Park.</P>\r
37 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Fort Ward.  Heritage significance?  Civil War fort.</STRONG></P>\r
38 <P>             </P>\r
39 <P>                             R       onto Braddock Rd.</P>\r
40 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Stonegate.  Heritage significance?  Native American camp/work site.</STRONG></P>\r
41 <P>             </P>\r
42 <P>                             R       onto Braddock Rd.</P>\r
43 <P>                             X       Beauregard St.</P>\r
44 <P>                             L       onto Campus Dr.</P>\r
45 <P>                             L       onto Dawes Ave.</P>\r
46 <P>                             X       Seminary Rd.</P>\r
47 <P>                             L       onto Fillmore Ave.; becomes Chambliss St.</P>\r
48 <P>                             S       onto bicycle trail into woods.</P>\r
49 <P>                             L       from Chambliss Ave. onto bicycle trail.</P>\r
50 <P>                             X       Beauregard St.; continue on bicycle trail.</P>\r
51 <P>                             X       Holmes Run and continue on bicycle trail.</P>\r
52 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Bicentennial Tree.  Heritage significance?  This willow oak was here\r
53 during the Revolutionary War.</STRONG></P>\r
54 <P>             </P>\r
55 <P>                             L       through Tarleton Park to bicycle trail.</P>\r
56 <P>                             R       onto S. Gordon St.</P>\r
57 <P>                             L       onto Wheeler Ave.</P>\r
58 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Old Mill.  Heritage significance?  Eisenhower Valley had several mills in\r
59 the early years of Alexandria.  These mills produced flour, which\r
60 was then shipped from Alexandria's docks.</STRONG></P>\r
61 <P>             </P>\r
62 <P>             Reverse course and return to Holmes Run Greenway bicycle trail.</P>\r
63 <P>                             L       onto bicycle trail.</P>\r
64 <P>                             L       onto trail along Eisenhower Ave.</P>\r
65 <P>                             X       Eisenhower Ave. and continue on the trail.</P>\r
66 <P>                             L       onto Holland Lane at end of Eisenhower Ave.</P>\r
67 <P>                             X       Duke St. to Reinekers Lane.  Dutch Touch is off to the R on Diagonal Rd.</P>\r
68 <P>                             X       Diagonal Rd. to get to King Street.</P>\r
69 <P>                             L       onto King St.</P>\r
70 <P>                             L       onto Callahan Dr.</P>\r
71 <P>                             R       immediate right onto Carlisle Dr.  Go up hill to Temple.</P>\r
72 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  Archeological excavations at top behind Temple.  Eat lunch and get tour.</STRONG></P>\r
73 <P>             </P>\r
74 <P>             Follow Carlisle to King St.</P>\r
75 <P>                             R       onto King Street.</P>\r
76 <P>                             R       onto Daingerfield Rd.</P>\r
77 <P>                             L       onto Prince St.</P>\r
78 <P>                             X       Washington St.</P>\r
79 <P>                             R       onto Royal St.</P>\r
80 <P>                             L       onto Jones Point Park Dr.  </P>\r
81 <P>             <STRONG>STOP:  The End.  Heritage significance?  You have just completed the first\r
82 official trip around the Alexandria Heritage Loop of The Potomac\r
83 Heritage National Scenic Trail.  You made it.  Thanks for joining\r
84 us.</STRONG></P>\r
85 <P>             </P>\r
86 <P>             BR=bear right; R=right; L=left; X=cross; S=straight.</P>\r
87 </BODY>\r
88 </HTML>\r