Access to Unlimited Funding

Randy Mays
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 19:09:19 -0500


    I am speaking now to two mailing lists, each of which has duplicate readers, including myself who will see this note three times.

    During the past couple of days, we've had a couple of notes about a frequency hopping repeater project.  I expressed approval to spend some money on this, even though I don't know the specifics, because I think it's right to encourage experimentation.

    I would like to propose a process that we follow when someone wants to use AMRAD funds for a project.  This process would not be complicated and the whole thing could be documented on a single sheet of paper.  When someone wants to do something, they should answer the following questions and then circulate the page to the various mailing lists for comments.

    I will now write a sample of what I mean.  Please note this is not a real project, but just uses technical terms to simulate a real project.  I would have trouble describing  real project anyway.

The Name of My Proposed Project
My Name
My E-Mail Address

I want to spend $300 to build a two frequency hopping repeater.  This repeater would demonstrate that if you had two receivers on separate frequencies, you could transmit on either frequency at different times while having the output frequency remain the same.  If successful, I would propose a future project in which the output frequency would also hop back and forth.  A later project might synchronize the hopping of the receiver and transmitter so that other stations could have some idea of which frequency to use at a given time.

The duration of this project would be less than six months.  The first four months would be spent putting off the project.  The fifth month would be spent buying surplus equipment which already does the frequency hopping.  The sixth month would be filled with repackaging and demonstrations (leading up to Winterfest).

The total cost of this project would never be more than $300.

If I am given the money for this project, I promise to submit an article to the AMRAD Newsletter.

Here is a block diagram of my proposed Frequency Hopping Repeater.

    So as not to discourage creativity, the order in which these key points are made could vary or be different.

    Please remember that the above example is not about a real project.

73, Randy