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Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 09:59:42 -0500

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a new URL for 136 KHZ

André  N4ICK

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Subject: LF: Changes to URLs of LF web pages
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I have taken time to re-structure my web site to accomodate more RSGB HF
Committee information.  This means that the 73kHz information has moved
a little. 

Thus for 

General HF Committee information use: 

(Please note the date for this year's HF & IOTA Convention at which we
hope to run a LF Forum encompassing both 73 & 136kHz interests.)

LF Amateur information

The latter URL has a number of links to the familiar pages which list
the NoVs for 73kHz, 73kHz records, software and circuit diagrams, and a
few images (one of which I can't get to download since I've changed the
links - anyone an html expert on that one?)

I've also added some links for 136kHz - limited at this stage to
reception maxima/country "firsts".

If anyone has any URls that they would like me to add to link to other
web sites, corrections, additions, just send me an e-mail.
John Gould, G3WKL