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attached is the description of  _one_  VLF antenna that

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Attached File: LFANT.PCX

Some interest has been shown in my 73kHz antenna so I will describe it. 
The LF shack is located at the bottom of the garden some 44m away 
from the house. The main support is a 16m high home made fold-over 
mast (the one described in the Antenna Experimenters Guide) located 
39m from the house.
At the top of the mast is a 3m metal spreader. The antenna comprises 
two wires only, which are joined together at the ends and spread 3m 
apart at the highest point. The antenna is connected at the loading 
(secondary) coil at the shack end and supported by a short pole on 
the house at the other.
This antenna has a much larger horizontal component than traditional 
Marconi antennas and its configuration was dictated by existing 
positions of the mast, garden shed and house rather than LF design 
considerations. It will be interesting to see how this antenna 
performs on 136kHz.
 Because of planning condiderations it has to be folded over during 
hours of daylight! (theoretically). This is why I only transmit in 
the mornings and evenings.
  I have attached a PCX file to this message, to show the general 
configuration of the antenna. 

 Peter Dodd, g3ldo@zetnet.co.uk