[Fwd: LF: New band report]

Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 07:56:04 -0500

Gang, please note the last paragraph
137 KHz appears to be a great band

K.E. Moore wrote:

> Great fun on the new band this weekend!
> [...]
> On Sunday morning [..] At 09.10z I found G3GRO at 569 on 137.00kHz and G3LDO at
> 589 on 136.80kHz
> having the first 2-way QSO on the band. Well done both. Excellent copy up
> here. G0AKN called by to see us a little later so I only had occasional looks
> on the band during the middle of the day, but heard Andy G4JNT on 136.50kHz
> at 11.05z RST-559 and G4FEV on 136.75kHz at 14.16z RST-559. Later in the
> afternoon I found G3LDO, G3GRO and G4FEV testing on various frequencies at
> previous reports, and heard Peter and Derek have another excellent chatty
> QSO at 16.40z.
> Obviously 136kHz is much easier to radiate on, and most stations seem a couple
> of S-points up on their 73kHz signals here. Well done again to everyone who
> managed to get transmitting this weekend - I hope to join you soon.
>               Regards  John G4GVC IO92JP near Leicester