Big gun on 136

Andre Kesteloot
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 07:28:34 -0500

please note: 3 Kilowatts into a 60 ft vertical antenna!
I am staring to like this motre and more !
When are the California kilowatts going to join our project?

> >From Peter Dodd, G3LDO
> 4/2  1700    QSO with G3KAU,, received him 599, strongest signal on LF so far
> followed by G3LNP 599+5dB. Tony said that he was using 3kW to a 60ft
> vertical I asked for his telephone number so that I could get
> confirmation of this.  Yes it was true, the limiting factor for power
> was what could be drawn from a 13amp socket. This must be close to the 1W ERP.
> Beaconing with that transmitter should do wanders for the electricity bill.
> Makes my 150W look pretty small beer.
> Still, got a QSL card from DL2KCL who received my signal at 0800UTC
> on 2nd Feb, S/N 3dB in a 200Hz bandwidth. The antenna was a 5m vertical wire.
> --
>  Peter Dodd,