[Fwd: LF: w/e 6/7/8 Feb 98 on 136]

Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 10:13:41 -0500

Mike Dennison wrote:

> 136 is getting to sound like an HF band! Some good periods without my
> local white noise so heard quite a bit. Also had more QSOs in a day
> than in 18 months on 73.
> First a report from last Wednesday. Hear G4JNT using extremely slow
> Morse but I could hear the carrier so a conventional speed QSO is
> possible once Andy can manually key his system. Note that, although
> we hold the record for two-way QSO on 73, I have never heard Andy by
> ear on that band.
> Friday evening heard G2AJV (sounded auroral but I suspect it was a
> keying problem!) at 567C. Abt three S points up on 73.
> Then had a two-way with G3LDO 579/539 at 1935. This is probably a UK
> 2-way distance record for 136. At 112km it equals the current world
> record set by HB9ASB. Oddly I now hold the two-way record for both
> bands, not because I have a good signal (far from it), but partly
> because of my location relative to other activity and partly because
> I have an adequate system on both Tx and Rx whereas several people
> are very good at one but poor at the other. No doubt this record will
> be beaten within a week (probably by G4FEV working one of the Sussex
> chaps).
> Also heard G3GRO at 569 at 2051.
> Saturday was amazing.
> Worked G3KAU, G3GRO, G3XTZ (whose 6W was 559), and G4FEV.
> Heard G2AJV, G4JNT, G0ONA and EI0CF who was 439 on my loop receiving
> ant (distance nearly 600km)
> Sunday was busy my end but heard most of the above again.
> Interestingly like 2m in the good old days with everyone sending
> locators and tuning the band after calling CQ.
> Re bandplanning and QRM from each other - just wait till someone uses
> SSB or SSTV a few km away. You ain't heard nothin' yet as Al
> Jolson put it.
> 73 de Mike, G3XDV, IO912VT (usual freq 136.9kHz).