Andre Kesteloot
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 21:56:09 -0500

I think this is a great idea. Would you like to handle the registrations, and then
pass them along to whomever?
Count me in
André N4ICK


> Metro DC Members --
> This Saturday at Tacos I opened an exchange bulletin from the Anne Arundel
> Radio Club.  Inside is an announcement for an upcoming tour of now-silent NSS
> Naval Radio Annapolis.  Yes, a tour of a longwave transmitting facility.
> Below is an announcement from the bulletin.   I have left a message with John
> Cummings to expect some AMRADers.   Perhaps we can organize a formal "road
> trip" and have some seafood instead of tacos over in Annapolis after the tour.
> Tracy Wood
> K7UO, Sterling
> --------------------------ANNOUNCEMENT----------------------
> Title: Navy Transmitting Facility Tour
> Arrangements are being made to allow interested hams to tour the Navy
> Transmitting Facility (NSS Annapolis).  The tentative date is Saturday, April
> 18th.
> Check the Anne Arundel radio Club home page
> ( for confirmation and more
> details as the date approaches.
> Most have who live in the Annapolis area, or who have crossed the Bay Bridge on
> Route 50 are familiar with the Navy's Greenbury Point antenna farm from a
> distance, but few have been able to visit.  The Transmitting Facility area was
> off limits for security reasons until the facility went off the air in January
> 1995.   The 1,299 foot tower and all the lower towers are scheduled to be taken
> down over the next few years.  Plans call for the transmitting equipment to be
> removed later this year.  On April 18 you can tour the inside of the
> transmitter building where you can see the hugh hand-blown vacuum tubes, the
> room which is actually a gigantic
> capacitor, the hand-crafted wooden equipment frames and all the other equipment
> which this one of the world's most powerful radio transmitters.  Some of the
> operators who were responsible for keeping this facility on the air
> around the clock will be back to explain the setup and equipment to you.
> John Cummings, N3CZE (410 293-6903) is coordinating this tour with transmistter
> facility staff.
> Directions:
>     Take Rt 50 toward Annapolis.  At exit 27 follow Rt 450 south toward the
> Navy Academy for one mile.  Turn lefgt on Rt 648 ( at the north end of the
> Naval Academy Bridge). Stay on Rt648 through the signal light and past the
> Naval Academy Golf Course.  At the empty guard house continue on for another
> half mile.  The transmitter building is the large brick building at the end of
> the road.
> NOTE: Please do not attempt to visit the towers or transmitter facility on your
> own.  Naval Academy Police to do permit public access to this area.
> John Cummings,  N3ZCE
> ---------------------------------- end of annoucement-------------