VA Senate Bill 480: "Placement of Amateur Radio Antennas" (fwd)

David V. Rogers
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 06:40:36 -0500 (EST)

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Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 07:52:53 -0400
From: Dick Rucker <>
Subject: VA Senate Bill 480: "Placement of Amateur Radio Antennas"

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998
Phil -- KF4AJZ
Martin Gary (by way of Tony Amato KR4UQ/ASEC OPS AREA "A" VA ARES/RACES ) wrote:

Sooner or later you may want a tower on your property. It might be a
telescoping mast or Rohn 25. Whatever type it is make no matter if there is
a local ordinance that prohibits you from putting it up. Please take a few
moments to protect your rights!

>Attached is a handout I'm planning to take to local club meetings and
>would appreciate any comments,suggestions, changes, etc. The intent was to
>give as much information as possible on one sheet of paper with the House
>Reps' addressees & phones for all the local districts on the reverse side.



>Antenna that is! Many localities, in an effort to minimize the impact of
>cellular telephone and other>commercial wireless communications
>facilities, impose harsh restrictions on antennas and more specifically,
>towers. Federal laws exist pertaining to amateurs' rights with respect to
>antenna structures. Some localities conveniently overlook them and pass
>their own regulations which do not allow what should be permitted. The
>only recourse is thought the legal system- a very expensive and time
>consuming action.

>Senate Bill 480 titled "Placement of Amateur Radio Antennas" was passed by
>the Senate of the Virginia General Assembly. The bill provides for a
>minimization of local regulations and restrictions governing>amateur radio
>antennas. It will bring all localities within Virginia into compliance
>with federal regulations >and establish uniform guidelines, generally
>permitting Amateur Radio antenna structures under 200 feet.

>Passage and enactment of this legislation costs neither the taxpayers, nor
>the Commonwealth a single penny. The future potential benefits to the
>citizens of this state cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but should
>be viewed from the standpoint of human lives.


>Passage of SB480 will ASSURE adequate and efficient Emergency
>Communications capabilities>through Amateur Radio Operators throughout the

 - Establish uniform guidelines for Amateur Radio communications antennas
throughout Virginia.

 - Assure the ability to communicate and coordinate operations between:
    Virginia Dept. of Emergency Services (VDES),
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),
    SkyWarn with the National Weather Service,
    Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and
    Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).

 - Bring the Commonwealth of Virginia into compliance with Federal Law and
guidelines governing Amateur Radio antenna structures as determined by the
   US Congress (Public Law 103-408 103 d Congress>(I 994)) and the
   FCC (Amateur Radio Preemption, I 0 1 FCC 2d 952 (1985)) and
        47 CFR 97.15(a)(e).


>SB480 will NOT have any effect on existing or future deeded restrictions
>or covenants .It will NOT affect in any manner whatsoever the regulation
>of commercial or cellular telephone telecommunications.


>With a final Senate vote of passage at 26 yea and 12 nay, we have our work
>cut out for us in the House. The bill is presently (2/11) in the Committee
>on Counties, Cities and Towns. The bill may be assigned to a subcommittee
>or the main committee can meet on its status. There may or may not be a
>public hearing. The Committee will decide to pass it and send to the full
>House, defeat it, or hold for the next session (1999). It is my
>understanding that contacting the co-chairmen of the Committee will not
>further our cause.

>Voices must be heard, phones have to ring, and we have to get busy if we
>stand even a remote chance of>getting this legislation passed this
>session. We don't want it carried over to allow for opposition response.

>Call the "Constituents Viewpoint" phone number which will record your
>opinion on SB480. In Richmond call 698-1990 or 800-889-0229.

>Even more important is to call and write YOUR representative. Express your
>support for SB480 and encourage your Delegate to do likewise.

>Thanks for your effort,

>Martin Gary W2MG
>PIO Area "A"

>P.S.:To find the current status on SB480 call: (804) 698-1500.

>(Thanks to Bob Ham - KK4IY and A.C. McNeer - K4YEF for source materials)

Richard A. "Dick" Rucker
City of Fairfax, VA