David W. Borden dborden@laser.net
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 11:42:22 -0500

  I am evaluating an old RYCOM railroad receiver/voltmeter which goes
from 0kHz - 420kHz for LF work.  Its initial evaluation is that it is a
large rock with 1kHz calibrator and hiss generator attached.
  If anyone has any 6BJ6 or 6BH6 or OB2 tubes, please bring them to
TACO.  Also please look for them Sunday at the hamfest.  For you younger
people, a tube is like a small light bulb, but more useful.  I tossed
out all mine years ago, and now as we return to yesteryear, I need them
again.  No, I am not interested in any spark gaps or tesla coils.  LF
does not mean you revert to "KING SPARK". We are running PSK on 188kHz
(we meaning Bob Bruhns and wannabe David).
  Thanks for reading this and go look in the basement for round things
with pins sticking out the bottom......david,k8mmo