LF Beacons

David Borden dborden@laser.net
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 21:44:38 -0500

  Sandy's active LF antenna is working swell with my Kenwood TS440.  I have
heard the following beacons which I have stuffed in memorys and can recall
at will:

198kHz - DIW - Dixon, NC

216kHz - CLB - Wiliminton, NC

237kHz - EZF - Fredericksburg, VA (Weak)

323kHz - GTN - Washington, DC

332kHz - DC - Washington, DC (Reagan National Airport)

346kHz - IA - Washington, DC (Dulles Airport)

  Ok Bob, send that PSK stuff on 188kHz a little more loudly and maybe I
can copy it here......david,k8mmo