Bands above 71 GHz

Paul L Rinaldo
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 08:26:38

Greetings, again, from Geneva. This is to ask you to gather some 

The ITU will consider allocations to services above 71 GHz. The radio 
astronomers want some specific bands, the passive Earth sending guys want 
others. In fact, they're thinking of proposing moving some of the amateur 
bands aside so they can look at specific spectral lines. At the same time, 
these folks are contemplating bands up to 400 GHz, as well as their navels.

Do you have any info about the characteristics of frequencies between 71 
GHz and 400 GHz which could be translated into requirements for the amateur 
and amateur satellite services? What bands would we particularly want? 
Which ones not? At this point, I have no idea how much spectrum we might 
ask for but a starting point could be the same percentage we have (say) in 
the 10 - 71 GHz.

Please let me have your views... either via email while I'm in Geneva or in 
person when I get back home.

73, Paul, 4U/W4RI