Andre Kesteloot
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:00:39 -0500

Randy Mays wrote:

> I am encouraged by the technical level of the current
> articles.  I hope this marks a return to the newsletter I
> remember when I first joined AMRAD.  It is important that
> others write similar articles.  It is a challenge to come up
> with six newsletters each year when we don't get very many
> articles.  This causes a lot of stress for the people who
> work on the newsletter.

I second that !

> There are some topics we could be covering if someone would
> just take the time to write down the details.  For example,
> what has happened to the funds allocated to getting the
> repeater going again?  What sort of back room deals resulted
> in a coverage area equivalent to a pizza delivery zone?

It has been rumored that our reduced coverage is somehow
to the present East-Asian financial crisis

> Or, is there something sinister behind this sudden interest in
> so-called "digital signal processing?"  What was being done
> with these signals before?  Are any animals being endangered
> in these experiments?

It is well know that kids have always hated having to learn
read analog watches (the little hand etc.) Hence clever
marketeers (rhymes with musketeers) have come up with
watches that anyone could read without confusion. Similarly,
most people could not grasp the concepts behind analog
processing.  I have been informed by sometimes-reliable
that "Digital Signal Processing" is a way to make these
available to the intellectually-challenged members of the
Amateur community. Anyone who has tried to read an
article on DSp will know what I mean.

Andre N4ICK