[Fwd: LF: LX1PD heard in GW]

Andre Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 08:13:15 -0500

Taco Gang,
LX1PD is in Luxembourg, and GW4ALG is in Wales, hence this looks like an
approximate distance of more than 400 miles. Also 20 wpm implies a pretty
good bandwidth. These guys must be doing something right  :-)
Andre N4ICK
Steve Rawlings wrote:

> This morning, Sunday 29th March 1998, I heard LX1PD sending 'test' and
> 'V's at about 20 wpm.  He was 559 at 07:13 UTC on, nominally, 136.6 kHz,
> but his frequency tended to jump by about 100Hz from time to time.  I
> later heard him under G2AJV at 07:20 UTC on about 136.9 kHz.
> Steve, GW4ALG
> steve.rawlings@cableol.co.uk