EMWIN & Baycom BP-1

Richard Barth Richard.Barth@noaa.gov
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 09:40:14 -0500

Oops!  Forgot to send to Tacos.

>At 10:25 PM 3/30/98 -0500, you (Randy) wrote:
>>EMSJAKE wrote:
>>> After reviewing the EMWIN 'pages' I saw that one of your members was
able to
>>> modify a BP-1 packet modem to recieve EMWIN signals. As an owner of a
BP-1 who
>>> lives in the greater DC area I'm wondering who in your organization I
>>> contact for modification details and area EMWIN information.
>>> Thanks & 73's
>>> Jonathan Moore/N1RIJ
>>  Hi,
>>    I'm not sure what an EMWIN is, but I am forwarding your note to the
>>members who hang out on the Internet in the event they can help.  73, Randy
>I can't provide any help with the BP1 packet modem info, but for those who
missed a couple of presentations at AMRAD meetings on EMWIN...
>The Emergency Managers' Weather Information Network provides a fairly
complete set of weather satellite graphics, radar data, weather forecasts,
warnings, etc. -- more than you probably want to know about the coming
weather situation for the entire country -- that is disseminated by the
National Weather Service.  In the DC area EMWIN is currently being
transmitted on 400.175 MHz from on top of the NWS headquarters building in
Silver Spring, MD.  Elsewhere in the country it is carried by a variety of
VHF/UHF systems on a number of frequencies, and is available in most of the
Western Hemisphere via the GOES satellite in the 1690 MHz region.
>A list of systems carrying the signal is available on the web page of
Maryland Radio Inc., which was kind enough to come talk to us about it at
AMRAD meetings.
>Maryland Radio also sells the receiving hardware, demodulator, and
software that can be used to receive these signals.
>NWS hopes eventually to build a nationwide network of VHF or UHF systems
carrying these data, something like NOAA Weather Radio.
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