Protocol Tunneling

Richard Barth
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:06:55 -0500

At 10:47 AM 4/1/98 -0500, Maitland Bottoms wrote:
>Hello Tacos,
>Interesting news on the digital networking front. Though some of you
>will probably hear about this from other sources, it seems timely for
>me to forward it along to Tacos today.
>Announcement Follows:
> Subject: Announcement: TCP/IP over Morse driver released
> Author: (Steve Fraser) at Internet
> Date:    4/1/98 7:24 AM
>Problem Reports.
>If you encounter any problems, please email the maintainer: 
Hmmm.  Apr.   Any connection to that Aprs stuff I keep hearing about?
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