LF Experimentation

Walt Ireland wireland@mindspring.com
Sun, 03 May 1998 12:44:08 -0400

AMRAD participants,

Paul Rinaldo is preparing FCC Form 442 application.  I am trying to gather
the information necessary to complete the form while Paul is on travel.

I need the following information:

1. Elevation of ground at antenna site above mean sea level in meters.
2. Distance to nearest aircraft landing area in kilometers.
3. List of any natural formations or existing man-made structures (hills,
trees, water tanks, towers, etc.) which, in the option of the application,
would tend to shield the antenna from aircraft and thereby minimize the
aeronautical hazard of the antennas.


Elton Sanders, Jr.
John Seeley
Terry Fox
Andre Kesteloot
Glen Baumgartner
Hal Feinstein
Shannon Mishey
Robert Bruhns

I also need the latitude and longitude of the operating locations in
DD-MM-SS for:

Shannon Mishey
Robert Bruhns

I will appreciate your providing the above information as soon as possible.

73, Walt Ireland, WB7CSL
ARRL Technical Relations Office
T: 703-934-2078
F: 703-934-2079