LF Experimentation

Bob Bruhns bbruhns@erols.com
Tue, 12 May 1998 17:00:14 -0400

Located a good terrain map today at the local library - here 
is the complete information.

  Robert Bruhns, WA3WDR
  714-1D Tamarack Way
  Herndon, VA 21070-4458

1. Elevation of ground at antenna site above mean sea level: 
       98 meters
2. Distance to nearest aircraft landing area in kilometers:
       3.6 KM to Dulles Airport

3. List of any natural formations or existing man-made 
   structures (hills, trees, water tanks, towers, etc.)
   which, in the option of the application, would tend to
   shield the antenna from aircraft and thereby minimize the 
   aeronautical hazard of the antennas.

      Station location is in a valley between two parallel 
      ridges.  One ridge is about 1 KM to the east, running 
      north-south, with a ground elevation of approximately 135 
      meters AMSL, and many trees about 10 to 20 meters tall.  
      The other ridge is about 244 meters to the west, also 
      running north-south, with a ground elevation of 
      approximately 107 meters AMSL, with low trees and      
generally two-story construction. 

      Ground elevation at station is 98 meters AMSL.  Airport 
      is located approximately 3.6 KM southwest of station 

4. Latitude and longitude of the operating locations in

       N 38-58-11,  W 77-22-08  (NAD1927 datum)
       Determined by GPS using short-term position averaging.