Home for Dish

David V. Rogers dvrogers@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 18 May 1998 07:57:35 -0400

I have available for trade to a good home one 6-foot dish and
matched WR-137 splash feed (6-GHz range), all manufactured by
Gabriel Company.  The dish is solid aluminum, probably in the
70-pound range and comes with the mounting hardware.  F/d is
0.375, focal length is 27.75 inches (70.5 cm).  This dish should
be ideal for eme work in the 10-GHz range (beam width is 2+
degrees at 10.368).
Would be interested in trading for some microwave equipment, or
even possibly a VLF receiver.  The only stipulation is that the
dish not be used in a commercial venture; this was an agreement I
entered into with the person who gave me the dish.
Dave (K9RKH)