[Fwd: LF: First G-ON Two-way]

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Fri, 22 May 1998 08:50:38 -0400

Mike Dennison wrote:

> At 0730, today,  Friday 22 May, the second morning of our tests,
> Rik, ON7YD, and myself completed a two-way extremely slow CW contact
> using DSP receive. This is the first G-ON two-way. It may well also
> be the first two-way using this technique on 136kHz. (As far as I am
> aware the only two-way extremely slow CW on 73kHz was the one between
> me and G4JNT).
> The distance is 353km, a new distance record for me.
> ON7YD was copied yesterday and today very nearly 100% (ie almost
> every dot and dash) in a bandwidth of less than 1Hz. This is better
> copy than the previous tests, and I presume this is because this
> week's were an hour earlier. I suspect that Rik may be copied by
> others even earlier in the morning.
> We were both using Spectrogram (see my web site for details) and
> neither could hear the other by ear. The dot period was about 3
> seconds.
> John, G4GVC, phoned me towards the end of the QSO to say he could
> copy me well but could see nothing of ON7YD on his screen. I believe
> I am still the only UK station to have received Rik. He will be
> active Saturday and Sunday (23/24 May) transmitting QRS 0700-0710 on
> 137.100kHz, then searching for replies in conventional CW for the
> next ten minutes and repeating the cycle until 0800UTC. To confirm
> reception he will send your call followed by RRRRR.
> I am now up to three countries two-way on 136! Another 97 to go for
> Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)
> http://www.dennison.demon.co.uk/activity.htm