TRACY WOOD tracy.wood@mix.cpcug.org
Sat, 11 Jul 98 11:55:00 -0500

NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Herald Broadcasting Syndicate
(HBS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, announced today an agreement to sell its
Saipan shortwave broadcasting facility (KHBI) to Radio Free Asia
(RFA), a government-funded independent corporation. For the
past 18 months HBS inspirational programming transmitted from
Saipan has been complemented by up to 15 hours daily of RFA's
news and public events broadcasts to Asia.
  The station's assets include two 100 KW transmitters and three
  The station's assets include two 100 KW transmitters and three
amount of cash plus broadcasting time for the continuation of
some of HBS programs. Richard Richter, President of RFA,
indicated the importance of the acquisition of the Saipan
broadcasting facility: "KHBI is a well-run, effectively located
station," he said. "It will serve us well as we undertake to
expand our broadcasting to help meet the pent-up demand for
unbiased reporting of events in Asia." RFA hopes to establish
agreements in order to continue the employment of the current
  The closing is scheduled to take place within thirty days to give
HBS the necessary time to inform its listeners and work out the
details of the transfer with its employees.
  Harley Gates, President of HBS, said "The sale of KHBI marks
a change in the Church's approach to broadcasting. Rather than
be both a producer and distributor of inspirational programming,
the Church will be focusing on the editorial side of programming.
This is the niche in which we feel we have the most to
contribute." For the time being, Gates indicated that HBS would
retain its shortwave station in South Carolina which broadcasts
to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin and South America. (From
C. Ed. Evans)