Rip-off Alert

David V. Rogers
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 09:56:22 -0400

Just to warn everyone who might buy these products.

Lois and I each have HP ink-jet printers which, from
time-to-time, need new ink cartridges.  After checking prices
around town, we have been shopping at Microcenter for the past
few years, figuring that their prices were usually the most
competitive.  I noticed about a month ago, when I needed a new
ink-jet cartridge, that the price had risen from $26 to $32,
approximately 23 percent increase.  I figured that maybe
manufacturer prices had risen (unlikely, but who knows) and
bought the cartridge.
I was in CompUSA last wek, buying a printer (which has always had
better prices on printers than Microcenter) and noticed the ink
cartridge was still $26 at CompUSA.  It appears that Microcenter
has decided to gouge (I would use other words but this is a
family publication) their loyal customers.
I guess CompUSA will get my business in the future.  Their sales
people appear fairly competent.  Aside from the Apple crew at
Microcenter, you can usually count on sincere misinformation at
Passed on for what it is worth73 de Dave (K9RKH)