Rip-off Alert

Dick Rucker
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 11:11:51 -0400

At 9:56 AM 8/1/98, David V. Rogers wrote:
>Just to warn everyone who might buy these products.
>Lois and I each have HP ink-jet printers which, from
>time-to-time, need new ink cartridges...

Thanks for the heads-up.  I have two ink jet printers, an hp Deskwriter and
an Epson 600, as well as an HP4M laserwriter (Claudia's printer, wouldn't
you know).  I've always thought cartridges were too expensive anyway,
especially those for the Epson (its like a cheap cell phone with expensive
recurring charges - HI)

Haven't purchased cartridges for a while but the last one for the
Deskwriter cost me $26 at Microcenter.  As a Mac addict (I have 2 Macs and
1 PC),  I need to check out Apple's store within a store after the iMacs
get shown (after 15 Aug).


Richard A. "Dick" Rucker
City of Fairfax, VA
Amateur Radio KM4ML