[Fwd: LF: First QSO G-HB9]

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 09:48:45 -0400

Baertschi wrote:

> from Toni, HB9ASB, JN36pt
> After almost one year of testing, station improvements and different
> attempts for a contact (first on 73 kHz Xband, then on 136 kHz), we
> finally made it: Today I had a QSO with Peter, G3LDO. The report from
> Peter was 329 and he got 449 from me, which he confirmed. We started
> calling at 05:30 but there was nothing to hear. But around 06:30 UT
> condx improved and we made the QSO!
> At the end (06:50) Peter's signal was getting weaker and weaker and I
> almost lost him in the noise.
> Condx this morning where medium, with a noise level of 40uV at the
> receiver input and some QRN spikes.
> Power here is 250mW ERP (TX: 300W RF) and I used the transmitting
> antenna for reception (18m high Helical with 60m top wire). The RX was a
> Harris RF590 (300 Hz RF BW) with an Audio Filter from Timewave (DSP
> 599zx). Audio BW was 100 Hz, there was no additional improvement with
> narrower settings.
> 73 de Toni