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Tacos types: see attached message from Alberto.

Alas, the problem lies not with the Tacos list but with the (lack of)
anti-spam policies at

To quote one of the AMRAD anti-spam configurations files:
# a lot of spam comes from (or used to come from) the following sites, 
# but they DO have anti-spam policies. blocking them because they got 
# hijacked seems a bit harsh. better to block in the Spammers file by 
# individual users or by regexp, IMO. comment these out if you
# disagree 
# with me. 
# might be listed here one day if they ever do something 
# effective about their spam problem. 
End of quoted material.

Well, now I finally have a reason to upgrade to sendmail 8.9, where I
could allow only to get through. Until then, complain
to your provider and submit to tacos from your IBM account.

Enjoy your low-spam tacos mailing list.

 Your Humble site administrator

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From: Alberto Di Bene <>
To: <>
Subject: Problems with tacos list
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:27:31 +0000

 Hello gentlemen,
  I have tried, without success, to make a posting to the tacos list. I
  regularly receive the list, but it seems that I am not allowed to post to it.
  I enclose my posting below, could you please be so kind to post it for me?
  While we are at this, is there any particular requirement to be enabled to do
  postings? Could you please enable my address ( for this?

  Thanks and 73s
  Alberto di Bene, I2PHD
  Home page

  ----------------------------- posting follows ----------------------
  Subject: New freeware for VLF

  Note to all the VLF enthusiasts hanging on the tacos list: you can freely
  download Hamview 2.06 from


  To say it in a few words, HAMVIEW is a program that:

  - gets an audio signal either from a Sound Blaster(TM) compatible card or
    from a .wav file
  - performs a windowed spectral analysis on the incoming signal
  - displays the signal spectrum on the video screen using a carefully matched
    color scheme
  - performs some enhancement on the signal using signal processing methods
  - plays the filtered signal at the output of the audio card
  - and last but not least, all these goodies are done in real time! (well, to
    be honest  with about one second of delay from the input to the output, due
to the data
    windows  used for signal analysis and processing).

  The program was especially developed for radio amateurs interested into all
  these communication techniques where signals very close to (or more often
  below) the receiver noise floor are used, like EME, VLF, and so on.
  However we believe that Hamview will be of value also for HF and VHF CW
  (try it... we never found a point-and-click CW filter on a commercial
  receiver!!!), and so on.

  Alberto, I2PHD & Vittorio, IK2CZL