Next newsletter

Randy Mays
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:13:09 -0400


    A lot of time was spent on this last newsletter in reformatting text that
had been submitted.  This amounted to several hours and it is just mindless,
boring, unnecessary work that could be avoided if I got files in a modern
format like Microsoft Word.

    Paul, we need to identify a minimum format (something like .doc files from
WordPad in Win '95) and ask that everyone submit their text that way.  If
someone doesn't have WordPad, then we should be able to get a copy for them.
We're past the days of CP/M and ASCII text now.

    For Dave Rogers, the reason the scalar article is going into the next
newsletter is that whenever I tried to import the  file into Microsoft
Publisher, I got a general protection fault during the document conversion.  I
have no idea why this happened, but nothing I tried could fix or work around
it.  Andre was able to get the article to print so we can drop those pages into
the next newsletter.

    For George Lemaster, I think your article was the least trouble to work
with.  What did you use to write it?