A new threat against wiring harnesses

André Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:30:37 -0400

> SCMP, Saturday  August 29  1998
> Four chipmunks caused uproar when they were taken aboard a British
> Airways flight to London - sparking a new investigation into security at
> Chek
> Lap Kok. One of the chipmunks, smuggled aboard Flight BA28 on Wednesday by
> two
> Frenchmen, made a dash for freedom just before the 14-hour flight
> landed.One woman was scratched and other passengers mistook the furry
> creatures
> for rats, which are closely related, a Chek Lap Kok source said.
> "The captain wanted to divert the aircraft. I think one of the
> passengers wants to sue the airline," he said. "This case should be
> highlighted because it is awful security."
> Vets said the situation could have been "very dangerous" because
> chipmunks could chew through aircraft wiring and bring rabies into
> Britain.
> BA's London spokesman Jamie Bowden said passengers were "clearly
> distressed" to see the rodent tearing around the crowded economy class.
> "A lady was scratched by one and was offered medical attention by the
> authorities at Heathrow," Mr Bowden said.
> "We're not happy that they managed to evade security in Hong Kong. We're
> investigating how they weren't detected by the authorities at the
> screening channels at Chek Lap Kok." The two Frenchmen, who apparently
> stowed the chipmunks in their pockets or hand luggage, were questioned
> and allowed to continue to Paris. The chipmunks were held in quarantine.