Media Scan segemnt on 17Khz Swede XMTR

Tue, 01 Sep 98 22:31:00 -0500

While driving to work tyhis morning I was listening to Radio Sweden on 19
meters.   George Wood's Media Scan segment included an overview of the recent
activity at the historic Swedish LW station.

The segment said the technology was obsolete by the time it began operation
(hey -- just like today!!).  I was surprised to hear it operated until '48.
The station takes a full 10 minutes to come up to speed from a cold start.
(Talk about a slow warm up...does it drift ???)

Any way, you can hear the audio at or (and follow
the hyperlinks to Radio Sweden's English Pages...)

Yes, HF in the car can be fun and educational too.

Tracy Wood K7UO