FCC Matters

Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 10:24:39 -0400


Good news. Our 136 kHz Part 5 license application hasn't been rejected so
far this week. It had been rejected twice earlier: once to raise the fee
from $40 like it said on the form to $45 like it said on a notice I never
saw, and another time to ask why we want to experiment (in advance of a
petition for amateur access to this sliver band).

On September 1, FCC OET released a Notice of Inquiry (Docket No. 98-153,
document number FCC 98-208) entitled "Revision of Part 15 of the
Commission's Rules Regarding Ultra-Wireband Transmission Systems." The FCC
"is initiating this inquiry on its own motion to investigate the
possibility of permitting the operation of ultra-wideband (UWB) radio
systems on an unlicensed basis under Part 15 of its rules." It goes on to
say: "Such systems could provide an improved method for providin radar
applications where precise distance resolution is required and for
providing covert voice or data communications that overcome multipath

The notice says the Commission has received 3 requests for waivers for UWB
systems: (1) U.S. Radar, Inc for a surface penetrating radar system to
detect buried objects and objects hidden behind walls; (2) Time Domain Corp
wants a system for public safety people to use for communications, locatin
determination and imaging radar, and (3) Zircon Corp wants to permit a
radar to detect hidden objects behind walls.

You can (maybe) get your very own copy by logging into the FCC Web site:
http://www.fcc.gov/ and searching for the document. I tried that this
morning and it's not there. But it might be real soon now.

73, Paul, W4RI