[Fwd: Electronic RAINBOW Kits of Indianapolis...caveat emptor]

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Subject: Electronic RAINBOW Kits of Indianapolis...caveat emptor
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Product advisory for hams.....Buyer Beware.

Info to all.......I wanted to advise especially microwavers that their Radar
Signal Detector kit 990-0071 does not work for 10 GHZ detection. They
advertise "The Kit will respond only to modulated signals".  I tested it with
a 265 milliwatt output 10 GHZ rig fully modulated at about 2 inches with no

When I called the company to ask if it responds to AM or FM signals they did
not know. When I asked the range of the unit in detection of police radars,
they did not know. When I asked the sensitivity of the unit, they did not
know. When I sent them an EMAIL to ask questions about the product, they did
not respond.

When I asked for a refund of the kit price, they refused.

I don't know the quality of their other kits....nor do I intend to find out in
the first person, HI!
Caveat Emptor.

Please feel free to pass this to other radio amateurs who may benefit from it.


17 Sep 98