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>Date: 	Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:09:49 -0600 (MDT)
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>From: Paul Harden <>
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>On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Sam Billingsley wrote:
>> I was wondering if Paul Harden or someone else could shed some light on
>> topic. One of the highest A-indexes we've seen recently occurred during
>> period and I thought it was just another normal sun related event. Is it
>> just a coincidence?
>> 	Sam Billingsley    AE4GX    Atlanta, GA
>Sam and others,
>Last night, I was working on my handouts for PacifiCon ... plotting
>the solar flux, solar wind, A-Index, etc. of the past few good storms
>we've had, showing the correlation from the solar event to the geo-
>magnetic event 2-3 days later.
>Your observation is much like mine, in that the A-index hit 112 on
>August 27th ... a SEVERE geomagnetic storm.  While there was a M9
>flare on the 22nd, an M2 on the 23rd and an energetic X class on the
>25th, the timing to this geomagnetic storm is a bit awkward, making
>me wonder the same.  Particularly with the reports of the ionization
>that occured on the dark side of the earth, and wondering if this might
>be sufficient to compress our magnetic field and trigger a storm.
>These gamma-ray bursts were discovered in part by our own Dr. Dale
>Frail.  His office is up on the top floor (us electronics types are in
>the cellar), but I will pay him a visit this afternoon and see what
>he has to say.  He's very approachable, and our solar astronomer, Dr.
>Tim Bastian, might find the correlation interesting as well.
>The M1 flare on Sept. 20th triggered a text book geomagnetic storm on
>the 23rd (A-index 129) and a coronal hole on the 24th accompanied with
>an energetic proton even triggered another severe storm  on the 25th
>(A-index 121) ... text book reaction times.  Those two events last
>week were SEVERE storm periods, causing HF blackouts.
>I'll report what I find out about the gamma ray burst on August 27th
>and if the fellas upstairs feel their might be a correlation.  Remember,
>detecting these huge gamma ray bursts is a VERY recent thing, like this
>year ... so perhaps us amateurs are the first to notice a connection.
>I'll also get a list from Dr. Frail of the gamma ray bursts detected
>over the past six months to see if other events also coincided with
>geomagnetic storms.  Hey fellas, this is real science here!
>Thanks for your interest, even though you blew my big revelation I
>was gonna suggest at PacifiCon -hi.
>72, Paul NA5N
>National Radio Astronomy Observatory