Andre' Kesteloot
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:51:35 -0400

TT in this case means "Transatlantic Thanks" to all of the people on
this reflector who participated in the LF Forum (at the 10-11 October HF
Convention), and made it for me a memorable, interesting and truly
enjoyable event.

As my plane took off from Heathrow yesterday, the map, displayed on the
little LCD screen in front of each passenger, showed that we were flying
over the town of Limerick. Hence, and in spite of the fact that I well
realize that this reflector is for serious people only, I can't resist
sending you the following:

There was once a Ham in McLean
Whose roof sported a 2 Meter beam,
He had done UHF
Spread Spectrum and HF
But to him, LF was the cream.

Andre' Kesteloot N4ICK
McLean Virginia