5.8 GHz interference tests with ITS America

Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 16:11:19 -0600


ITS America (intelligent transportation, you know collision-avoidance
radar, maybe eventually cars that drive themselves) has responded to a
League request for a joint ITS America/amateur radio test. ITS-A is
planning a roadside information system and it would be good to get some
idea of compatibility with amateur operations. ITS-A is suggesting
Annapolis as the test site; ARRL prefers Newington.

If Annapolis, is there anyone in AMRAD (or if you know, other East Coast
microwavers) interested in testing a ~5.8 MHz system against this ITS-A
system? In December? Please let me know.

73, Paul, W4RI