LF Antenna details

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 09:29:45 -0500

Steve Rawlings wrote:

> Andre' Kesteloot wrote:
> > > The main part of the vertical uses a 10 m fibre glass pole
> > like a fishing pole, or much thicker?
> > guyed or free standing?
> It's a free-standing, telescopic fibre-glass pole made in Germany, and distributed by an
> amateur radio outlet in the UK.  It's about 1 3/4"  (one inch and three quarters)
> diameter at the base and, over its ten sections, tapers to 1/8".  The sections are
> friction-locked simply by pulling out, and then twisting each section until it locks.
> But I think that similar things are used by fishermen.
> > no top hat?
> No, there being no suitable 'sky-hooks'.  Anyway, I'm not keen on using top hat wires if
> it risks introducing additional shunt paths to trees and adjacent buildings.  I'd much
> rather add more turns to the loading coil.


> 73
> Steve GW4ALG