[Fwd: LF: weekend activities]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 12:47:29 -0500

Rik Strobbe wrote:

> Looks like I will have little free time this weekend, but I will try to be
> QRV as much as possible. I have a free day on monday, so will be QRV in the
> morning and now and then during the day.
> I finished my new PA yesterday, runs OK (so far) with 420 Watt output. But
> with 570 Watts the output transformer gets hot and causes 'spikes' on the
> drains of the power FETs (killed a couple FETs that way). I will try to lay
> my hands on a big toroid of 3C85 material and so long I will restrict
> output power to 420 Watts. I will have a close watch to the PA for the
> first days, so I will keep transmissions short and stay away from QRS until
> I'm sure that it is safe.
> Got the antennacurrent up to 1.9A now, estimated ERP is 130mW.
> 73, Rik
> Rik Strobbe  ON7YD
> rik.strobbe@fys.kuleuven.ac.be
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