Virus in Hamview ?

Alberto Di Bene
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 12:53:41 +0000

>I tried downloading a copy of hamview, and it took over 2 hours. I
  >eventually got it, and it was more than I asked for. I could not get
 >This is from someone who is not a beginner when it comes to computers,
 >so you might want to be cautious with HamView.

> Randy

  Oh, no ! The last thing I coud had hoped for is that Hamview is considered
infected by a virus, or, worse, *to be* a virus !
Rest assured, both are false. I have just downloaded Hamview from my Web site,
and compared it byte by byte with
the version I have here, freshly compiled. They absolutely match byte by byte.
Then I executed it on my computer,
and everything was OK.

HAMVIEW.ZIP is 110,923 bytes long and, even with a slow modem, it takes only 30
or 40 seconds to download it,
and certainly NOT two hours... something went wrong with your friend. He may be
a computer super expert, but
even the experts can have glitches, from time to time.

I invite here all those wo have successfully downloaded and run Hamview to
witness that it is *not* infected by a virus.
Counting both the previous and the current version, the total is over 3,000
downloads from all over the world, and this is
the first time I hear the word virus associated with Hamview.

I am available for any kind of clarifications and help.


Alberto di Bene, I2PHD           or