Bob Bruhns
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:36:21 -0500

No virus problem with the new Hamview (2.10) here.  I have Win98, with
Bios checking for sensitive disk writes.  Also running Norton
SystemWorks 1.0 anti-virus.  Norton declared the zip file clean. 
Unzipped, then ran Hamview twice, then scanned for viruses with Norton,
none found.  Seems OK.

The only problem I have is exiting from Hamview; I have to
control-alt-delete and end the task.  No problems from that either...

  Bob, WA3WDR

Randy Mays wrote:
> Here's something I received after forwarding a tacos message to a ham
> friend out west....
> "I tried downloading a copy of hamview, and it took over 2 hours.  I
> eventually got it, and it was more than I asked for.  I could not get
> it to
> run, but it did succeed in rewriting my boot track, and the boot
> system.  I
> suspect a virus.  McAffee doesn't show a hit, but when I try to run
> the
> program, the system locks up.  When I restart, the operating system is
> missing.  You may want to see if anyone else is having a problem."
> This is from someone who is not a beginner when it comes to computers,
> so you might want to be cautious with HamView.
> Randy