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Tue, 01 Dec 1998 23:55:53 -0500

C.TRAYNER wrote:

> > There seems to be a lot of the re-inventing the wheel syndrome
> > when it comes to the use of loops for LF reception.
> > I'd suggest picking the brains of the ardent LW/MW listeners as we
> > amateurs are mere babes in arms when it comes to the use of loops.
> There is certainly material out there worth looking at. The following
> come from a brief check on the Bibliography of Underground
> Communications (available from all good underground branches of W.H.
> Smiths :-) which also lists quite a bit of Amateur LF material. These
> were the most useful-looking of about 50 items it prediced.
> J.J. Carr
> Small loop antennas for MW AM BCB, LF and VLF
> Elektor Electronics, vol 20,
> June 1994 pp.58-63 and Jul/Aug 1994 pp.104-109
> R.Q. Marris
> Wide-band VLF/LF/MF amplifiers and co-axial loop antennas
> Practical Wireless, Aug 1993, pp.32-33
> R.W. Burhans,
> Loop antennas for VLF and LF
> Radio Electronics, vol 5, June 1983, pp.83-87
> (I haven't makaged to get a copy of this, so I don't know what it's
> like)
> And finally, for any head-bangers who want to go deeply into the
> theory and design an aerial optimised for use at 136.54321kHz when
> the wind is from the south-west, the excellent
> E.W. Paschal
> The design of broad-band VLF receivers with air-cored loop antennas
> (2nd ed), 89pp, Stanford University Press, May 1988
> The Cave Radio & Electronics Group are allowed to sell photocopied
> reprints of this but we haven't any in stock at the moment. If people
> _really_ want copies I might be persuaded to run some off - it
> depends on whether I can be bothered to stand in front of a copier for
> some time ;-)
> Cost would probably be around GBP10.
> Incidentally, the aforementioned Bibliography of Underground
> Communications has quite a bit of AmLF stuff. CREG sell it on disk
> for GBP2 inc p&p. It includes search software; it curerently lists
> about 1300 items, though most are only of caving interest.  I am now
> issuing updates of the data free by email.
> Regards,
> Chris Trayner G4OKW