Hamfest Calendar

Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 10:43:15 -0500


While you're marking your calendars, here are a few hamfests and
conventions to note:

<bold>Jan 17	Frostfest, Richmond, VA


<bold>Feb 28	Vienna Wireless Society Winterfest,</bold> this time at the
Northern Virginia Community College (AMRAD will have a table to promote
membership, showcase some LF/DSP acumen, permit members to hawk their
wares and allow our spinners to maintain our highly respected image. )

<bold>Mar 27-28 Maryland State Convention, Timonium, MD


<bold>Apr 24  Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service, Chesapeake, VA


<bold>May 2	Antietam Radio Assoc, Hagerstown, MD


<bold>May 14-16 Dayton HamVention</bold> (AMRAD	plans to have a table for
the same reasons as hereinabove mentioned.)

<bold>Jun 6	Ole Virginia Hams, Manassas, VA\


<bold>Aug 1	Shenandoah Valley ARC, Berryville, VA

Sep?	FAR Hamfest?</bold> (I heard that the one in 1998 at Gaithersburg
was the last one there. Is it the last FARfest ever? Anyplace?)

73, Paul, W4RI