[Fwd: AMRAD Newsletter]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 18:09:22 -0500

Steve Rawlings wrote:

> Hello Andre'!
> Very many thanks for sending me a copy of the AMRAD Newsletter, Nov-Dec
> 1998.  It certainly ended up being packed with LF information and I'm
> sure that the articles will help to stimulate interest in LF among your
> members.  Let's hope you get 136 and 160 kHz soon!  With so much
> spectrum being lost to amateurs at UHF and microwave, it's wonderful to
> have the possibility of new allocations in the long wave band.
> I know that Dave G3YMC was also pleased to receive a copy of the
> newsletter.
> [...]
> With best regards,
> Steve GW4ALG