AMRAD Newsletter

Paul L. Rinaldo
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 18:12:51 -0500


The Jan-Feb 1999 AMRAD Newsletter has been edited and now is in Andre's
hands for publication. Thanks, gang, for the good material.

Because of my travel schedule, it's necessary to set February 8 as the
cutoff date for the Mar-Apr issue. The camera-ready copy will be turned
over to Andre by tacos time on February 13. That should make it possible to
have late-breaking newsletters printed and available at the VWS Winterfest
on Feb 28 being held this time at the Northern Virginia Community College.

I'm aware that Bob Bruhns has been working hard on an article. I suspect
that there will be some text - and photos - from the Nags Head LF expedition.
If anyone else is harboring any other articles, please email them to me as
you finish them, certainly by Feb 8.

73, Paul, W4RI