Upcoming Events

Paul L. Rinaldo prinaldo@mindspring.com
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 08:50:48 -0500


Saturdays at 1300, Tippy's Taco House, Merrifield. Mexican food,
intellectual exchange of emerging technologies, merrymaking.

Thursday, Jan 14, 1930, Dolley Madison Branch Library, McLean, VA. Speaker:
Rob Greene, AE4WI. Topic: Adaptive Signal Processing. 

Jan 16 - 18, LF listening tests, Nags Head, NC.

Monday, Feb 8 deadline for newsletter articles to W4RI. Saturday, Feb 13,
W4RI delivers edited newsletter to N4ICK for printing.

Thursday, Feb 11, 1930, Dolley Madison Branch Library, McLean, VA. Speaker:
Stephen Kenyon, Creative Engineering Concepts.
Extra Feature: Bringing back the AMRAD great attache case microswapfest.
Start saving your little goodies for barter -- whatever will fit in one
attache case and the lid will close. 

Feb 13 - 15, son of LF listening tests, Nags Head, NC.

Sunday, Feb 28, Vienna Wireless Society Winterfest, Northern Virginia
Community College. (Dave Rogers is booking two tables for AMRAD... one for
club promotional use -- like newsletters, membership promo and displays of
late-breaking technical projects, the other table for member goodies sales.
Think of this way: table.org + table.com.) 

As if that weren't enough, the Jan-Feb AMRAD Newsletter (at the printer on
Jan 4) contains a list of more events to enrich your lives -- amateur and

73, Paul, W4RI