Thomas Jefferson

Paul L. Rinaldo
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 06:52:10 -0500


Maybe all this happened before your time in AMRAD, but we have a package
designed to go aboard SkyStation and doesn't appear to be flown. Sandy
constructed it and can give you the details.

73, Paul, W4RI

At 04:15 1/5/99 +0000, Frank Gentges wrote:
>I looked at some material that Paul had at the ARRL office on some 
>Educational Workshops conducted by ARRL.  One article described balloon 
>borne packages to include ham transmitters, receivers, weather sensors 
>and TV cameras as a school project to interest the students in all sorts 
>of technology and amateur radio.
>I was impressed and think it might be a good option for our students at
>Thomas Jefferson.  I am thinking of something simple like a single channel
>repeater, GPS reporting and not much else for a first try.  Launch would
>occur prior to the end of the school year.  It would require some help
>with others from AMRAD and perhaps elsewhere to make a go of it.  Does the
>group like the basic idea and would you be willing to support the effort?