Thomas Jefferson

Elton & Nancy Sanders
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 23:31:21 -0500

 We do have a transceiver and DTMF control microprocesser that could be
used. The two big problems are where to lunch from and finding it after it
lands ( were talking about $400 or so ). You might try to find out if any
one has launched from around here and talk to them and also talk to the FAA
as they will have to bless any launch.

At 04:15 AM 1/5/99 +0000, Frank Gentges wrote:
>I looked at some material that Paul had at the ARRL office on some 
>Educational Workshops conducted by ARRL.  One article described balloon 
>borne packages to include ham transmitters, receivers, weather sensors 
>and TV cameras as a school project to interest the students in all sorts 
>of technology and amateur radio.
>I was impressed and think it might be a good option for our students at
>Thomas Jefferson.  I am thinking of something simple like a single channel
>repeater, GPS reporting and not much else for a first try.  Launch would
>occur prior to the end of the school year.  It would require some help
>with others from AMRAD and perhaps elsewhere to make a go of it.  Does the
>group like the basic idea and would you be willing to support the effort?