Andre' Kesteloot
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 17:59:17 -0500

> From: "Jerry Newport" <>
> Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
> Subject: The Truth About UFO's and Mind Control
> Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 03:41:42 -0500
> Below is my reply to a CIA operative who has been stalking me on the News
> Groups attempting to silence me. You can recognize CIA operatives very
> easily. They post using Deja News and also use Web-based emails as their
> return addresses. They go on a campaign to silence anyone bring the truth to
> the News Groups and solicite others to complain about someone to their ISP
> accusing them of SPAM. They will post the contact E-mails of everyone at
> your ISP and their uplink providers. They will accuse you of being the CIA
> operative when in reality it is them.
> Get real. I am a guy on Social Security Disability who lives in New Carlisle
> OH USA. I am wearing a wide brimmed cowboy hat painted with aluminum heat
> resistant paint as we speak because it contains a lot of aluminum. Aluminum
> does not create microplasma. Call me at 937-846-1247 or 937-845-5968 and I
> will talk to anybody in person who wants to talk. The CIA are the ones who
> are after me because I speak the truth. The CIA wants people to believe in
> aliens so they do not have to be held accountable for their covert
> activities against the American people. The CIA have declared war on the
> American people and the psychiatric system is their tool of suppression and
> oppression. You can't turn to a hospital for help if you are being
> irradiated because the CIA has operatives in hospitals who are instructed to
> place anybody who comes to them with claims like the CIA is using mind
> control on them or they are being irradiated to be placed on a psychiatric
> unit and pumped up with neuroleptics. This is just how it works. I am
> WARNING EVERYONE out there DO NOT go to a hospital with claim that the CIA
> is doing these things to you or you will end up on a psyche ward being
> pumped up with mind numbing drugs. That is how the CIA really works.
> Devin_McAndrews AKA Chive Mynde is the CIA sp00k who has been stalking me on
> the internet trying to silence me while at the same time CIA/Airforce planes
> fly over my apartment and my parents house in New Carlisle at night
> irradiating us.
> The CIA has electromagnetic focused microwave mind control lights mounted on
> their Stealth and other aircraft. On the ground it looks simply like a light
> on the side of the plane but it is focused at you and will make you
> disoriented and confused. During the day they only use a very small light
> mounted right on the side of the plane. The CIA have even used commercial
> aircraft to do this lately. These microwaves will cause an elevated body
> temperature as well making you feel very hot. That one X-files show where a
> man walks out into the street disoriented and naked was targeted with these
> weapons. The reason he took off his clothes was because the microwaves made
> him so hot he had no other choice. If you noticed in that episode an
> airforce plane had crashed and FBI Agent Moulder talked to the man in a bar
> and he made vague reference to microwaves and Agent Moulder asked him about
> metal implants then the military came in and took him away before Agent
> Moulder could finish questioning him. Agent Scully was not in the bar. This
> was that episode that had the hallucination of a Grey fighting a large demon
> like creature in the street. I don't know the name of the episode but it is
> one of the classic X-Files shows. In the movie Conspiracy Theory the reason
> the water mains broke and the CIA was there by them was because the whole
> area was being targeted with microwave mind control from a satellite or
> HAARP and when the water mains heated up from the microwaves the pipes
> expanded and burst. Jerry Fletcher didn't just have his apartment lined with
> metal so he could torch it. He had it lined to block the CIA MK-ULTRA mind
> control rays mounted on airplanes, from HAARP and satellites. They also have
> non-lethal weapons that will cause you to hack and wheeze like you have
> bronchitis and break out in a rash all over your body. They can also fly
> over your home at night and take a 3D digital image of your home and take it
> back and feed it into a computer so they can do a walk through your home on
> the computer for intelligence gathering. Remember that the CIA and the
> government want people to believe in `aliens' and that they are visiting.
> The triangular craft with three lights underneath is just one of the CIA's
> and the Airforce's Stealth planes. They can fly into an area and the local
> Airport's can not even tell they wear there because they are Stealth. The
> CIA can even operate this way without other branches of the military knowing
> what they are doing. I kept calling and complaining to the command center at
> Wright Patterson Airforce Base about the CIA irradiating me and using mind
> control rays on me after I hung the phone up I got a call from a CIA man who
> said that the `radiation' I was `experiencing' was `minimal' and told me
> that it wasn't them that was doing it but was `aliens'. Heck! I have seen
> the CIA/Airforce aircraft and I know better. I told the man that he was
> telling bull crap and requested a spectrum analyzer so I could prove what
> was happening. He refused to give me a spectrum analyzer and told me to
> `stop bothering the people at Wright Pat'. I called special investigations
> at Wright Patterson Airforce Base and talked to a man named Nelson who
> seamed cooperative at first and told me to call him back. I did and he asked
> me if I was getting any rashes on my body. He knew about this before I even
> told him. He instructed me to go to the hospital. Bull crap. The hospital is
> the most dangerous place to be when the CIA and the Airforce is after you
> because they have their operative in the hospitals and they are instructed
> to place anyone coming to them who claims they have been targeted with
> radiation or CIA mind control rays or seen top secret aircraft or seen a
> `UFO' on a psychiatric ward so they can be pumped up with mind numbing
> psychiatric drugs.
> Call me at 937-846-1247 or 937-845-5968 . My Real Name is Samuel Antoine
> Moser and the CIA wants me dead. They want me dead because I know that their
> mind control units are mounted on their stealth and other CIA / Airforce
> aircraft and have been telling people about it in a very aggressive internet
> campaign. It is a focused electromagnetic microwave light. Since it produces
> visible light it shows up as a light on the side of the plane. They have
> also sent out `UFO's' to fly over people and shine these disorienting
> microwave lights down on people to make them disoriented often causing them
> to black out. They use very bright lights at night that to the ignorant seem
> like a `UFO' or that it must be `aliens'. These people are sometimes
> abducted for research purposes by the CIA / Airforce to gather data on
> radiation exposure and collect DNA samples to be used in their human guinea
> pig research that is meant to create a person who can survive space travel
> and survive on Mars. They attempt to keep people disoriented who are
> activist and figuring things out and if possible get them placed on a
> psychiatric ward and pumped up with mind numbing psychiatric drugs or even
> kill them in their homes by inducing a heart attack remotely with their
> energy weapons. I have purchased a black cowboy hat with a large rim that I
> have spray painted with aluminum containing aluminum colored heat resistant
> paint. They also target the entire population with HAARP and the Russian
> equivalent at times here in the USA to make the entire population a little
> disoriented. But certain people they will target heavily at times with
> microwave broadcasting satellites in an attempt to make them disoriented. If
> this happens to you then you may notice little streaks of plasma in your
> vicinity when walking at night. The first time I saw this I did not know
> what to think. The second time I saw it I thought I was seeing fairies. The
> third time I saw the plasma streaks I knew what it was. The CIA wants people
> to believe in `aliens' so they will not suspect the truth that their own
> government is attacking them with mind control technology and also
> experimenting on them. The CIA is the ultimate in psychiatric abuse.
> Psychiatric medications are not medications but drugs. There is no such
> thing as psychiatric medicine. Medicine is thought of as being healing. In
> reality these drugs numb and destroy the brain. The CIA uses their
> disorienting mind control technology in an attempt to get people placed on
> psychiatric units so they will be pumped up with mind numbing drugs on a
> regular basis so they will not be a threat to their conspiratorial agenda.
> Paul D. Wilcher (ATTORNEY) Letter To Janet Reno - 100+ pages
> This document exposes the Shadow Government within the CIA and how it has
> been using "MIND CONTROL" on people including David Koresh and six of his
> men.
> Shortly after sending this letter, Mr. Wilcher was found dead, sitting naked
> on his toilet -- his death was ruled suicide. His death was followed by
> another "suicide" of Vincent Foster, another attorney, who was one of Bill
> Clinton's White House Counsels. The proofs are conclusive that both of these
> Attorney's were MURDERED by the Shadow Government.
> The push is on, as one bears witness to the "NEWS" events in early December
> 1993 on the New York subway...that the individual stated in a dazed, stupor,
> "I must have done something wrong." He was obviously a CIA pre-programmed
> asset. This was a pre-planned agenda to continue their efforts to DISARM THE
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> for people who haven't learned to call them drugs or poisons yet which is
> what they are.
> See the link above for much more information. Much more information. If you
> have AOL it may be necessary to turn off the parental controls.