Food for the starving masses...

Frank Gentges
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 01:24:44 +0000 (GMT)

Hello all,
Unfortunatly my efforts to recrute a master chef for our little outing 
have failed miserably.  Instead, we will go on the local economy for 
Friday nights dinner.  

Saturday morning, Richard O'Neill will bring his 
bread maker and will have fresh bread and whatever else we can get ahold of.

Saturday night we will prepare a big pot of chili.  Not hot with spices 
but if you bring your own bottle of pepper sauce you can go all the way 
to three alarms.

Sunday morning, bread again.

Sunday night spagetti with meat sauce.  Some will argue (without effect) 
that the sauce looks strikingly familiar.

Monday morning, bread for the huddeling masses.

If anyone cares to contribute to preparing meals you are more than 
welcome.  Lunch is open at the moment.  Maybe a pile of ham, lunch meat 
and bread etc. and a make you own.  I am sure we can find a McDonalds 
open should we want to forgo the pleasure of making sandwiches.

We will bring some soda but everyone should bring their favorites.  We 
have a refrigerator and can chill a lot of drinks.  We will try to keep a 
pot on the stove of hot water and if anyone cares to put on coffee we 
will keep that going.  

The refrigerator does not have an ice maker so we 
will work out of bags of ice.  I don't see any point in refilling ice 
cube trays a zillion times when bags are available.

We have two bedrooms.  Meg (my wife who most of you have not met yet 
(N4OGE)) will also be coming down so we will enjoy one of the bedrooms.  
The other bedroom has one double bed and some floor space.  The living 
room has a couch with a fold out bed that is kinda lumpy.  Lots of floor 
space in the living room for sleeping bags.  The floor interfaces to the 
unheated air so an air matteris or pad would help especially if it is 
really cold.

Most of the cottages near our are for summer rentals and I do not expect 
a lot of them to be occupied.  We do have a next door neighbor that stays 
all year but they have been known to have loud friends in the late night 
so we should not have a problem with any complaints.  Don't see how far 
we can take it though.

I anyone missed the maps I had on Saturday I will have them Thursday 
night at the monthly meeting.  Its not hard to find.

Frank Gentges K0BRA