[Fwd: LF: Re: 15-18 Jan LF Rx Tests]

Andre' Kesteloot akestelo@bellatlantic.net
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 20:25:34 -0500

Peter Dodd wrote:

> To  Andre' N4ICK
> It looks as though we in EU should be able to have enough stations on
> give the tests some chance of success, but like Marconi, we need a
> bit of luck with conditions. I have compiled a list of activity from
> the e-mail, I hope I havent left anyone out.
> I have now fixed up my 136kHz transmitter so that the transmit
> receive and keying can be controlled from the house. I have not been
> able to increase the transmit power as was hoped but on the other
> hand I should be able to beacon all night without becoming insolvent
> when the next electricity bill arrives. My erp is around 300 to 400mW
> depending on ground conditions.
> I tried the remote system tonight and worked OH1TN and received a 569
> report. I also worked GW4ALG so the system seems to work.
> For the tests I will transmit slow CW on 137.750kHz. Andre', you
> mentioned that it would be convenient to receive in 10 minute time
> bytes. I can extend the dot period to 8 seconds and still be within
> this time scale. I will give notice of transmission times nearer to
> the weekend because it depends on the weather. Strong winds and
> driving rain adversly affects the antenna and loading coil even
> though it is water proofed.
> I will transmit "G3LDO" with  with occasional fast CW id.
> So far we have the following stations:
> >From Toni HB9ASB
>  I will transmit on 137.790 +/- 1 Hz Sunday morning from 04:00 to
> 05:00 UT in Slow CW and I will repeat only "ASB".
> >From Marco IK1IKO
> I expect to transmit in beacon mode from 2100z thru 2359z
> of Friday, then (I hope do wake up) from 0400z thru 1200z
> of Saturday. I am not yet sure of activity for the Sat/Sun night.
> My frequency will be 137.770 +/- 1 mHz
> The message will be 'IKO' with occasional fast CW id. I will use
> 5 second elements. This will give a 2'50" message. May switch
> to other frequency or other dot lenghts if required.
>  Dave G3YXM.
> I will TX at 2300-2400 gmt on Friday and Saturday and around sunrise here,
> say 0700-0800 on Saturday and Sunday. I can alter these times if you like.
> TX freq is 137.720 with 4 second dots, message will be "G3YXM" repeated.
> John G0AKN
> I will transmit    G0AKN   on Saturday 16 January from 1200 UTC to 1300 UTC
> on 137.46 kHz using Slow CW with a 4 second dot period.
> Who else wants to join?
>  I will try and get in contact with Finbar who I understand is not on e-mail.
> --
> Regards, Peter, G3LDO
> <g3ldo@zetnet.co.uk>