15-18 Jan LF Rx Tests - Sat/Sun schedule

M. Bruno spin@inrete.it
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 18:15:15 +0100

Hello Andre' and all,

I am able to transmit this evening and tomorrow also.

So I will be on air this evening, starting at 2000z until 0000z;
then tomorrow morning, as early as possible, probably
at 0400z, until 1000z (may be calling CQ after 0900z)

Same format as yesterday, will send "IKO" with 5 second
dots on 137.770 .

Power is close to 1W ERP (1.12 W to be optimistic ...)

Any news from the other side of the pond?

73 - Marco

Marco Bruno - IK1ODO

SPIN Electronics - www.spin-it.com